Marl Pond Trail 

The scenic 1.5 kilometre Marl Pond Trail takes the visitor through a variety of the habitats in Wagner Natural Area, including successional meadow, willow swamp, aspen parkland, black spruce forest, white spruce forest and, of course, the marl ponds themselves.

The  Marl Pond Trail Guide provides information that corresponds with the numbered posts along the Marl Pond Trail, pointing out various features of interest along the way. A copy of the guide can be picked up at the trail sign. In several locations along the Trail, benches allow visitors to stop, rest, and enjoy the unspoiled areas around them. There is a picnic shelter and outhouse near the start/end of the trail.
Walk the trail several times throughout the year with each season bringing out unique features of the area. Because of the moisture content in the area, trails can be wet. Comfortable and waterproof footwear is recommended. In the spring and summer, it is also advisable to have insect repellant with you.
The Marl Pond Trail is the only official, maintained, trail in the Natural Area. The public are not encouraged to enter the central and south-east parts because of the sensitivity of the fen vegetation to trampling.
Dogs in the Natural Area must be kept on a leash. For the benefit of other visitors to Wagner, owners are kindly requested to pickup after their dogs.